In this post, Ben will take you through how to use the Live Keying/Colour Matteing funtions on the Tricaster in the TV Gallery. There is a training video below, or you can use the step-by-step guide.

Step-by-step guide

1. Before we start, Live Keying or Live Matteing is the process of adding in a virtual image to live video feed, usually using a greenscreen background.

1. Live Matteing is

2. Select the camera feed that you want to change. Please note that this needs to be the individual camera feed, and not the mix effect, so inputs 1,2 and 3.

2. Select the camera feed

3. Right click on the video feed you want to change the live keying on, and then click on configure.

3.Right Click and select configure

4. In the pop-up menu, go to the image tab at the top, and then expand the keying menu.

4. go to the image menu and expand keying section

5. In the keying menu, clicking on the box ned door to the wording “keying” will turn the Live keying on and off.

5. Click on this button to turn keying on and off

6. Hover the mouse pointer over the colour box and the pointer will turn into an eye-dropper. Hold down the righ click on the mouse, and move it over the greenscreen. Release it, and this will set the colour that will be Matted out.

6. They eye dropper

7. YOu can use the tolerance and smoothness sliders to adjust the greenscreen image further to remove any blurring, etc.

7. Use smoothness and tolerance to adjust

Top Tip- When using the eyedropper tool to select the matte colour, do not use the brightest or darkest bits of the screen, use something in between the brightest and darkerst points.

8. When using dropper tool, select an area of the screen