In this post, Ben will take you through how to set up and operate the video playout function on the Tricaster in the TV gallery. There is a training video below, or you can use the step-by-step guide.

Step-by-Step guide

1. Ensure that DDR1 is selected

In order to import video files, you will need to ensure that the video player (DDR1) is selected. The tab for this is located half-way down the page on the left hand side

1. Select DDR1

Once DDR1 is selected, you will need to click on the plus arrow on the bottom left-hand side to open the import menu

2. Open import menu

Once the import menu is opened, you need to select the browse option to begin importing. Please note it can take a few seconds for the browser to open

3. Browse button

Once in the menu, you can select the import location, which is either Caspar or from Google Drive

4. Select input location

To import from Google Drive, first select it from the left hand side, then go into shared drives, then JNL Media Sharing Folder, then Tricaster Upload. There will be a separate folder in the drive for each newsday

5. Importing from Google Drive

2. Playing out Video

To play out a video file, you first need to click on it to select it. 

6. Select the video file

To once a video is selected, there will be a blue box under the video’s name, and it will have a white outline.

7. How to check video file is selected

To play out a video, press the spacebar on the keyboard and the video will play

8. Push spacebar to play

If you make a mistake, or to stop a video, press F1. Push F1 again to restart it from the beginning

9. Push F1 to stop video, again to reset

There may be times when you want to go from one video into the next. To do this, push the right arrow on the keyboard once to jump to the next video.

10. Push right arrow to jump to next video