In this post, Ben will take you through how to set up Burli autocue system in the TV gallery. There is a training video below, or you can use the step-by-step guide.

Step-by-Step guide

1. The scripts tab

The scripts tab is located in the middle of the top search bar. You will need to load up the script from the bulletin you have been working on. Click on the scripts tab and look for the script you need. 

Top tip, scripts are organised by date, so the one you are looking for will be the one dated on the day you are in the gallery

the scripts tab is located in the middle of the top search bar

Once you have located the correct date, the script for TV news are always called “TV News.” For this guide, I used a dummy bulletin that we use for open days.

scripts are organised by date

2. Once you have located the correct script, you need to drag it into the work folder below

3. Drag the script into the work folder

3. the Config Menu and setting the prompter font

In order for the autocue to work, we need to change the font. To do this, click on the config tab in the top left corner

Click on the config menu, then scroll down to font scheme, and then select prompter font

5. Go down to font scheme and select prompter font

4. Going into presenter view

 For the presenters to see the autocue, we need to put the computer into presenter view. To do this, you need to first move the bar in the middle of the page up so you can see the triangle icon in the bottom right corner.

6. Move the bar up and down

Click on the triangle logo in the bottom left corner (sometimes people call it the lighthouse or the beehive) to put Burli into presenter view

7. Click on the triangle logo

5. Moving the autocue

To navigate the script, click and drag the mouse up and down to move the script in time with the presenters

8. Click and drag to move script

Please keep the text the presenters are reading below the white tape line on the left of the screen, otherwise their eyeline will be too high

9. Keep the text below the tape marker