In this post, Ben will take you through how to set up and operate the audio mixer in the TV gallery. There is a training video below, or you can use the step-by-step guide.

Step-by-step guide

1. Input Faders

The input faders are located along the bottom of the desk, and are labelled up for the various inputs they control. Please note that VT Audio is for the audio from any packagers or other video being played.

1. Input Faders

2. Mute ButtonsĀ 

The mute buttons can be used to mute and unmute the various faders as needed. Push the button to mute, push again to unmute. When the button is illumanted, the fader is muted

2. Mute Buttons

3. Adjusting the volume on faders

To adjust the volume, slide the fader up to increase the volume, slide it down to decrease

3. Adjusting volume on faders

4. Setting the faders to 0

The default setting on the audio faders is 0 (zero). Set the faders to 0 first, and then adjust the volume level from there.

4. Setting faders to 0

5. Faders to leave off

There are 3 faders which should not be turned up; these are the director microphone, NR1 and Radio Studio.

5. Faders to leave off

6. Faders to adjust

There are 5 faders that you will need to adjust to ensure that the volume is not too loud or too quiet. These are Presenter 1, Presenter 2, LiveU 1, LiveU 2 and VT Audio

6. Faders to Adjust

7. Master Audio Output

The fader on the far right is the master audio output. This fader should be set to 0 (zero) and left alone throughout the bulletin

7. Master audio output