If you’re starting to think about changing the Lens on the DSLR, you’re moving

into more advanced photography skills. Which is great!

In order to really get the most out of different lenses, it’s important to understand the basic principles behind manual photography, which starts with the Exposure Triangle. If you understand the Exposure Triangle, you have a very solid foundation of understanding for developing your photography skills. These Lenses can also be used for filming.

Camera Lenses are measured by their Focal Length. Watch the video below to understand the meaning of Focal Length.


In the Media Store we have a range of Lenses. As standard, the DSLRs come with an 18-200mm Zoom Lens. Which is a good all round Lens for beginners. The main benefit of a Zoom Lens is that it allows the photographer to be versatile. However, you do slightly compromise on image quality and they don’t perform well in low-light conditions.

Prime Lenses, whilst less versatile, often have a larger aperture. This means the focus is very sharp, and the lens performs better in low-light conditions. In order to take advantage of the aperture and get the best out of the Prime Lens, it is essential that you learn about the Exposure Triangle.


Below are a list of Lenses available to book out from the Media Store.

All lenses are compatible with the 800d, 80d & 90d’s (and any other Canon DSLR).