In this series of training videos, Jess will take you through all of the equipment in the Media Booths, how it all works and how to use the telephone to record interviews.

1. Media Booths- Introduction to Booth equipment 

Included in this section is an overview of the equipment, what each fader does, what the two screens do, how to play out jingles, how to hear the audio in the main studio and how to adjust the headphone and speaker volume. 

2. Media Booths- Integra Software and Recording 

In this section, Jess will take you through the features of the Integra software, including how to select, add and play jingles, and how to record and rename a file using the Integra software.

You can quickly access recordings made in the radio studio and news booths by using Burli. Burli is available on all the PCs in 9 Mappin Street.

If working off-campus, you can connect to a remote PC and download Burli from the software centre. Or, you can connect to the University VPN, and go to enter these details when prompted; Username: radio, No Password. You can then download any audio you need to your own computer.


3.Media Booths – Phone Calls

In this section, Jess will demonstrate how to connect outgoing or incoming calls into the mixing desk so you can conduct telephone interviews using the Radio Booths.