Due to the coronavirus situation meaning you are unable to access the media store, I have put together a few tips on filming with a mobile phone:

  • Shoot horizontally NOT vertically! 
  • Phone cameras do not do well in low light situations, so always film with lots of light otherwise you will  get incredibly grainy footage. In addition to this, don’t film in high contrast areas (environments with both lots of very light bits and very dark bits) because phones do not have good dynamic range. The phone will not be able to expose correctly if this is the case.
  • Stability is key with phones as they are small and light. This means they are prone to shaking and jittering even more so than DSLR’s. Always use a tripod if you are able. If not, film with both hands and keep the phone close to your body.
  • The basic audio from a phone camera is absolutely terrible. Either plug in an external mic (like the Mobile Clip Mic’s from the media store), or use a separate audio recorder like a Tascam DR-40. Remember, for whatever you are doing good audio is an absolute must. People can generally forgive poor video if the audio is great, but they will not forgive poor audio if the video is great. Its the most important thing to get right.
  • Do not use the digital zoom on a phone as it just lowers the resolution of the image, instead you will have to move closer to the subject.
  • Make sure the focus is kept on the subject, you can do this by tapping on the subject on the phone screen.
  • Light the subject well using nearby windows and light sources. You can still achieve a professional quality image using a phone, and that is largely down to lighting well. This goes for filming in general.
  • Make sure the phone’s video recording setting are correct. This means 1080p resolution, 25 fps, and using MP4 or MOV. For some reason some phones use different setting as default which you will not be able to edit with so make sure to check this in the phone settings.
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