Integra is the software used to control the radio systems here at the Journalist radio studio.

Login – In order to use it, first you may need to log in. This can be done by using your university login. 

You may also have to login to Burli on the computer next to it as well. The username for Burli is radio, there is no password.

Sound Levels – In terms of sounds levels you will one to aim to cap at the -6db mark, any further and you risk the audio peaking, which sounds terrible. 

If you look to the left there will be a console with a number of different sliders, each with a different name and controlling the audio of a different function:

Burli – this is the most important slider, and the one you will be using the most. Most of the radio production will be done through the Burli software, and this slider makes Burli go live on air and controls the audio levels. To play content from Burli simply raise the slider to the top (the light should turn green when you raise it) then press play on Burli, you can also press f10 to stop.

Phone interviews – If you are doing a phone interview there are two sliders that you will need to be aware of. The first one is Rover, which controls the Glen sound mobile system, the second is TBU which controls the landline system. To call someone on the Glen Sound mobile system simply dial the number then press the green button; to answer calls press the green button to answer. For the landline, call someone by dialling 9 before the rest of the phone number, when they answer lift the pre-fade slider then hang up. 

Recording – In order to record through Integra, simply press the red “record” button in the lower left hand corner of the screen, then press the “record mix” button in the same place to start recording. To stop press the same button. After a while all recordings made will be automatically uploaded to Burli. There is also a solid state recorder which you can use in a similar way to the recorders in the radio booths if you wish.

Jingles – To play jingles, go onto the Library tab on the right side of the screen. Click on the jingles tab, select the one you want and drag and drop into the middle of the screen. From there you can just click on a jingle for it to play. These are controlled by the CS A and CS B sliders. Alternatively you can drag and drop it in the left hand side of the screen to create a playlist. This playlist can be controlled using the PLA and PLB fade sliders, with the first item in the playlist being assigned to PLA and the second to PLB. Raising one and lowering the other crossfades between the two.