There have some issues with Lightroom Classic working on university computers. However we have found a found a way to work around these issues, even if its not ideal.

Students are encouraged to use Adobe Photoshop instead of Lightroom as they can save items directly to their network drive. 

Should students wish to continue using Lightroom, you must use Lightroom Classic.  When the application opens, have to create a local catalogue to use the application. To create the this catalogue, go to Local Disk (C:) > Users > your username, eg “JOA21ABC”.  You can then give your folder a name and Lightroom will open. Here is a quick video of this process.

Once you have finished your work, You must save the catalogue to your network drive. If you do not, when you log out or turn the PC off, your work will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

Here is a video of this.