There have been some queries as to how the JNL media store works.
First of all you will need to complete the health and safety quiz which can be found on the modules JNL120, JNL231, JNL314 and JNL6006 on Mole under the Health and Safety tab. Once completed a form should pop up for you to fill out, however there have been some issues of this not happening. If that is the case for you, could you please take a screenshot of the completed quiz showing you have got 100% of the answers correct. Once that is done, I will be able to grant you permission to book equipment.
The media store booking system can be found here: should be created online prior to coming to the media store. You are able to book equipment out for 24 hours at a time, however we do not work weekends so you are also able to take kit out on Friday and bring it back Monday. If you need to take anything out for longer, you will need permission from a tutor first. 
When booking equipment out please read the terms and conditions at least once as they are very important. Key rules include:

  • Late returns result in a suspension from the store, it can also prevent other students from using the equipment, so don’t do it. 
  • Its your responsibility to check equipment when you receive it, so the first thing you should do with kit is make sure everything is there and working properly. Any issues should be reported to me ASAP. I do check as well but I can miss things. 
  • If equipment is damaged or lost when taken out, you will have to cover the cost of repairs/replacement.

There is also the Journotech website which is found here: contains a whole bunch of information and tutorials on filming and software. 
If you need any help with the equipment or have any questions, or if you want a Journotech tutorial on something, let me know!
The media store is located on the 3rd floor next to Newsroom 3.