There’s been a few questions come in about the Equipment Quiz, so some tips and guidance notes are below;

The quiz itself can be found on the modules JNL120, JNL231, JNL314 and JNL6006.  In each of these modules, there is a section called “health and safety/Ethics/Media Store” on the top left side of the screen. Click on this folder and the video will appear.

In order to complete the quiz, you need to answer all 7 questions and click submit at the end. If a question has been missed, it can be found on the status bar at the bottom of the video. Answered questions appear as black hexagons, unanswered questions as white.

In order to make the form appear, you need to answer all questions correctly, and to refresh the webpage. If the form does not appear, try closing down the browser and restarting Blackboard. If neither of these problems help, the student may have not submitted the quiz, or missed a question.

If you have any issues with the quiz that you can’t resolve, please email Ben Addy at