The Tascam DR-40 is the audio recorder you will generally be using throughout you time here. Its quick and simple to get the hang of, and incredibly useful in many situations.

The Tascam DR-40 is a portable audio recorder perfect for radio packages, and broadcast journalism. It has two condenser microphones on the top ideal for getting a quick interview. It also has two XLR input on the bottom for plugging external microphones in, such as lapel mics.


 Learn how to add an external mic to the Tascam here





“My Tascam won’t turn on!’ – First check to see if the Hold button has accidentally been turned on. This button locks off all the other buttons and prevents the startup of the Tascam, and it is by far the most common cause of this query. If this still doesn’t fix it, get in touch with the Media Store ASAP.

“Audio playback is too fast/slow’ – While in the audio playback mode on the Tascam, pressing the + and – buttons alters the speed of the playback. You want it to be set on x1.0 for normal play back.

“I have recorded something but it is not playing on the Tascam” – Make sure the speaker is turned on. Go to Menu – Play Setting – Speaker. Switch the speaker on.¬†