The following video will guide you through recording a telephone interview in Newsbooth 1 or 2 (or see the written instructions below it, for a handy quick reference guide).

NOTE:❗️Feedback may occur if, for example, the mic channel’s cue button is also on, blue.

Step-by-step guide:
1. On recorder: Switch on, if not on already.
2. On mixer: Press the last four cue buttons to light green, as shown in the photo below. If any of these lights are amber instead, press the grey button near the light, until the light is green.
3. On mixer: Arm mic & phone tracks by pressing their PGM buttons to light red.
4. On recorder: Press record.
5. Phone: Pick up & dial (press 9 first for an outside line).
6. On Sonifex unit: Press line connect. Replace phone handset & put on headphones.
7. On mixer: Set levels using the large circular controls.
8. When done: Stop recorder. Press mic & phone’s PGM buttons so that their red lights turn off.

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