This guide will explain how to operate a DSLR using the Automatic settings.

1. Put the battery & SD card in

put-battery-in put-sd-card-in



2. Switch the camera on



3. Switch camera to Automatic Mode (with no Flash)







If you wish to use Flash (not recommended), set the mode wheel to “Intelligent Auto”¬†Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.09.26





However, it is suggest you use automatic with flash disabled. Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.09.19

4. Set the camera to Auto Focus or Manual Focus



Each lens has the option to switch between Autofocus (AF) or Manual Focus (MF).

Manual Focus will allow you to focus manually using the focus ring on the lens.

Automatic Focus will focus on an object when you half press down the shutter button.

5. Focussing

Manual Focus

Simply twist the furthest forward ring on the camera until your object comes into focus. If you gently, half-press the shutter button while looking through the viewfinder a red AF Point will flash over the part which is in focus and you should hear a beep.


Auto Focus

Simply half hold down the shutter button while aiming the camera at your subject. The camera will automatically focus on either the subjects face or whichever object is in the centre of the viewfinder.


The Shutter Button



6. Take a photo

Press the shutter button all the way down until you hear the click of the cameras shutter.