Here’s how to use Burli to access items recorded in the radio rooms:
(For info on accessing recordings directly, without using Burli, go here).

• Items recorded in the radio rooms are available as WAV files in Burli for 10 calendar days. New items appear in the relevant feed (e.g. “Booth2” or “RadioStudio”) on the left-hand side; if not there, check the in-queue tab (Ctrl + F to search, if in Burli software).

• Files can be exported from Burli for users’ own safekeeping (users should continue to ensure that they take responsibility for saving their own material). To export, find your recording in the in-queue tab. In Burli software, right-click on the filename in the in-queue, for a “Save as” option. In the web version of Burli, left-click the filename in the in-queue, then right-click “Broadcast quality” on the right, for a “Save link as” option (or similar).

Tip: Errors saving may be due to lack of space in the area you’re saving to, so delete your unnecessary files or save to a different storage area.

• Our version of Burli can save audio as PCM WAVs or MP2 WAVs. If the saved file needs converting (e.g. to an MP3, for the web), this can be done on in Reaper / VLC Media Player / Adobe Media Encoder / iTunes. See this link on how to convert to MP3.

• Burli can be used as software or online, (on campus):
Username: webburli
Password: webburli