Follow these steps to relink offline (or wrongly located) media in Premiere Pro.

Software such as Adobe Premiere Pro doesn’t save media within your project – it simply remembers where your media is. This is known as “referencing” media. Make sure your media is saved in a sensible location, rather than Premiere just referencing media on a USB stick / SD card which might get lost.

If Premiere can’t find your media, it may be that:

(a) The media has been erased; there’s no fix for this one, unless you have a backup of the media files somewhere – in which case see below;
(b) The media files / folders have been moved or renamed. If so, you’ll need to point Premiere in the right direction to locate the media, either when Premiere asks, or by going to “File”, then “Link Media”. Then, simply show Premiere where the media is, and choose “OK”.

Here’s a brief video to show you how: