Mobiles are great for recording video. Here are some tips to help you get the best results.


Get the light right

  • Any image capturing relies on light.
  • Make sure you have adequate light illuminating your subject.
  • Look for light sources and move accordingly

Get in close and frame correctly

  • Mobile video is most likely destined for the web, so the screen size will be quite small.
  • To make the most of available area make sure you frame fairly close.
  • Don’t zoom to get in close – get closer to your subject.
  • Aim to include head & shoulders with little or no headroom.

Always shoot landscape

Hold your phone horizontally, with the home button to the right.

Hold it steady

  • Try and hold a steady shot, but relax.
  • Don’t follow the action – let it happen within the frame.
  • Use a tripod if you can.

Keep it short

  • Keep clips short, 10 – 20 seconds is ok. It’s easier to find clips.
  • Trying to hold steady for long periods is quite strenuous!

Think about sound

  • Mobile will have a small mic
  • Make sure it’s close to the subject (get in close)
  • Use headphone mic
  • Don’t put your finger over mic!


There are numerous apps for mobile video. The best one is probably the built-in camera app of your device!

Others you might want to look at are: