Reaper is just one of many audio editing applications available.

The basics are quite simple. Essentially you’re choosing which audio files to use and which bits to use and arranging them on a timeline.

This video shows how to select clips, put them on a timeline and tidy the edges:

Good editing

There are many aspects to good editing techniques and you’ll learn them with practice and experience.

For a beginner it’s important to master one crucial technique: Seamless editing.

If you can hear an edit, then it’s not a good edit. If you play back your edit and you don’t notice the joins, you’ve done a good job!

This can be achieved in a number of ways:

  • don’t over edit – you don’t need to take out “um’s & ah’s” as this is how people talk
  • just edit out irrelevant sections
  • choose the right edit point: during pauses or between words
  • crossfade joining clips (but don’t over do this!)

This video shows how to put different clips together:

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