In the media store we have a range of lenses other than the Sigma 18-200mm that are typically loaned out with the 700Ds.

Here is a rundown of the lenses we have available for you to borrow and what they are useful for:

Canon 50mm 1.8



  • If you are shooting in a situation with low light, this lens is perfect for you! The 1.8 is the important bit – this is your widest aperture on the lens. Think of it like your pupil, in the dark
  • This lens is excellent for photographing portraits. Because of the 1.8 (I said it was important!) you are able to get a shallow depth of field, this means you’ll have a lovely blurry background but your subject will be in focus
  • It is really lightweight
  • You cannot zoom with this lens, as it has a fixed focal length (that’s what the 50mm means) so you have to move closer or further away from your subject

Canon 75-300mm



  • This lens is a lightweight telephoto zoom, this means that it is light (obviously!) and you are able to zoom in closer to your subject
  • It is an all rounder! Great for sports and wildlife alike, therefore it is flexible to your needs and means you don’t have to change lenses too often!

Sigma 17-50mm


  • Good general purpose lens
  • This lens is also useful for lower light situations, as its widest aperture is 2.8
  • It has OS (Optical Stabilisation) which is great for using without a tripod, if you are photographing a moving subject


Sigma 10-20mm

  • This is an ultra-wide angle lens. It is great for your subject to appear larger in the frame
  •  Good for landscapes. Not good for portraits, as this lens can make people look distorted but if you are photographing large groups of people and need to be able to fit them into the frame, this is the lens for you!


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